CFV: Triumphant Return: SP Kit

Release Date 6/3/2022 Preorder
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Manufacturer Bushiroad, Inc.
Category Collectible Card Games
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Sneak Preview Kit for the 10th anniversary celebration set, Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes.

Rules for Sneak Preview Kits:
- Event dates and times are mandatory and must be filled out in a legible manner.
- Only one date and time may be chosen.- Only registered tournament retailers may order this kit.
- This sneak preview kit may only be used on the specified date and time.
- Each kit supplies up to 8 players. Retailers may order a maximum of kits in proportion to their registered seat capacity.
- Sealed or booster draft format with 4 to 8 players is recommended for the event format.
- Only English edition Cardfight!! Vanguard cards may be used in this event.
- Any retailer/ shop found violating the rules and regulations will be subject to a penalty from Bushiroad International Pte Ltd.

Recommended Tournament rules can be found here:

47 Booster packs
8+1 Promotional Cards
8+1 PR Over Trigger
2 Premium Rubber playmats (1 design)