Wahu: Hydro Pod Ast (6)

SKU GTH920700
Release Date 5/27/2022
Retail Price $10.80
Manufacturer Goliath Games
Category Toys
UPC GTH920700
Weight (lb) 3.352

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The perfect companion for outdoor fun, take the Wahu Hydro Pod with you to the pool, beach, lake, river, boating, camping or even on vacation! This super versatile float can be used 15 ways including use in and out of the water. Use it in the water as a seat, saddle, chest float, and under your arms, or use it as a cushion or ottoman while sitting by the side of the pool! The Hydro Pod is 21 inches (53.3cm) in diameter and supports up to 250 pounds (113.4kg), making it a great fit for adults and kids to enjoy. Includes 1 Wahu Hydro Pod and 1 Drawstring Carry Bag for portable, easy storage.