Stress Botics

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Stress Botics is a sci-fi adventure in which four easily-stressable robots (known as Beta Bots) are sent to an exoplanet by their corporation Cubebotics CORP®, in order to mine its resources. Once those resources are extracted, the Beta Bots' task is to deliver them to the corporation's ships. But beware, the environment is constantly adapting - each corporation ship requires different resources delivered at precise orbital entry points. And last, but not least, the rival corporation Cylindroids INC® has sent its own bots to snatch resources and interfere with your bots.

This is a HEAVY euro, one that offers a lot of paths to victory and play styles. Turns flow seamlessly, with every action taken dripping in theme. It is extremely satisfying when a well laid plan is executed.

2-4 players
Ages 12+
90 minute play time