The Herbalist's Notebook

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Release Date 2/23/2023
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Manufacturer Exalted Funeral Press
Category RPG Accessories
UPC 9781951419233
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Herbalist's Notebook! Ever wanted to have more fun with plants at your gaming table? Well, here you go: a cool notebook for your herbalist character. Here's 80 pages for you to play with: make a Herbalist's Primer of your own!

Draw all the cool plants your character encounters in the game, note down your ingenious potions, or even make it a real herbal and put some dried flowers into it! It's spiral-bound, so you don't have to worry about the extra bulk! We've also included some reference material there and a whole bunch of black and white illustrations, so you can doodle and color to your heart's content.

Space for 20 plants collected in the wild
A whole bunch of custom recipes
Space for notes, map-drawing, and coloring
We even put some dots on the pages, to make drawing squares and hexes easier.
We've also included a small guide on how to collect and preserve plants (in case you want to put all your dried four-leaf clovers inside),
As well as a bunch of useful tables and references, to cut down on time spent browsing the book.