KOW3E: Empire of Dust Mega Army

Release Date 8/16/2022
Retail Price $160.00
Manufacturer Mantic Entertainment Ltd.
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
UPC 5060924980975
Weight (lb) 2.004

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The ancient Ahmunite empire consumed itself from within as necromancy ran rampant and settlements became necropolis-cities, where soon the dead outnumbered the living. As retribution, the God-Kings or Ophidia summoned the most powerful and spiteful of the demonic djinn. Together, they unleashed a monstrous and lethal sandstorm that engulfed the Ahmunite armies, flensing skin and flesh from bone and driving them back to the wastes.

Today the Ahmunite pharaohs are driven by a willpower that conquered death itself centuries past, and are now almost unstoppable in their unquenchable wrath. To the sound of golden trumpets, the pharaohs roar their proclamations from parchment-dry throats: the great kingdom will be restored. The world of the living will end, starting with the treacherous Ophidians, and a new empire will rise. An empire of dust.

40 Skeleton Infantry
20 Revenant Cavalry
1 Cursed High Priest/Pharaoh
1 Army Standard Bearer on Horse
3 Enslaved Guardians