Zillionaires Road Trip USA

SKU BIG6065178
Release Date 8/26/2022
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Big Potato Games
Category Board Games
UPC 778988434956
Weight (lb) 1.526

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Bid, bluff and buy up America’s legendary roadside real estate! As one of the five richest people in history, you already own all the big stuff in America. We’re talking the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, The Chrysler Building…you’ve got ‘em all.

It’s now time to aim your insanely big wallets at 49 of America’s legendary roadside attractions.

To get your hands on these beauties you’ll need to outbid and out-bluff your zillionaire rivals.

You start the game with 49 zillion dollars (and can earn more on payday), but your money will soon run as dry as Death Valley if you get involved in a bidding war — so bid smart.