Aerobie: Pro Blade RD (12)

SKU SMY6064214
Release Date 8/31/2022
Retail Price $10.99
Manufacturer Spin Master
Category Toys
UPC 20778988381322
Weight (lb) 5.265

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Get ready, get set, and throw for an incredible flying performance with the Aerobie Pro Blade Self Leveling Throw Ring. Made for both right and left-handed throwers, these are the easiest rings to throw and catch with innovative technology that allows the ring to self level as it rotates in the air. They are the perfect throwing toy for exhilarating flying disc games such as ultimate frisbee, disc golf, or basic outdoor freestyle play. Additionally, Pro Blades are easier and more comfortable to catch because of their easy to hold ring-like shape. The throw ring's open center provides players with the ability to experiment customizing their throwing and catching styles and create their own fun outdoor games to play with family and friends. This Pro Blade comes in the color red, measures 14" x 10.5", and is recommended for ages five and up.