Dice Masters: Secret Wars Origin Disp(8)

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Learning to play Dice Masters has never been this easy!

Battle Your Favorite Heroes Head-to-Head with Secret Wars Dice Masters!

Each Origin Pack features either Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man or Storm and Groot - each duo comes with thematically colored Sidekick Dice!

In addition to visually stunning dice, each character card features EXCLUSIVE art that you can't collect anywhere else.

Players can play Origin Packs head-to-head for an introductory game of Dice Masters or combine an Origin Pack with a Draft Pack for a full-scale game of dice rolling superhero awesomeness!

4 of each pack per display.

Draft Pack Contains:
Rules Insert
2 Character Cards with exclusive art
2 Basic Action Cards with special card frame
2 Indicator Cards
6 Character Dice
6 Basic Action Dice
8 Sidekick Dice in a special color