SKU BLG09068
Release Date 3/2/2023
Retail Price $12.99
Manufacturer Blue Orange Games
Category Board Games
UPC 803979090689
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Pawvocados is The Game of Pawesome Pairs! The Pawvocado pets have lost their noses... these cute pups, cats, and bunnies will need your help to find their Pawvocado pair and get their nose back. On each turn, roll the original avocado dice: the adorable fruit will break open and may reveal the little paw seed! Which side you land on will determine how many cards you win. Make pairs with your cards or exchange them for fun items to delight your avocado buddies.

2-6 players
Ages 4+

60 Pawvocado Cards
18 Item Cards
2 Avocado Dice
Illustrated Rules