Roll the Deck!

Release Date 6/14/2023 Preorder
Retail Price $9.95
Manufacturer Steve Jackson Games
Category Dice Games
UPC 9781639990368
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Roll the Deck With Pick a Card Dice!

Roll the Deck is a small booklet of 11 dice games designed for use with Steve Jackson’s Pick a Card Dice and a standard deck of playing cards (not included). The dice are a pair of special dice which, when rolled together, give one result from a standard 52-card deck. No Jokers. One is a four-sider bearing the suits; the other is a special 26-sider representing the card values.

The games in this booklet are built around the concept of generating a series of random draws from a standard deck of playing cards. Instead of playing cards, though, we’ve used our Pick a Card Dice. And so can you!