Dr. Who: Time of the Daleks

Release Date 12/11/2017
Retail Price $50.00
Manufacturer Gale Force 9
Category Board Games
UPC 9781940825908
Weight (lb) 2.698

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'Exterminate!' They muttered about their sacred hatred, the On-Coming Storm. Their creator had a plan, a plan to make the Daleks great again. A plan to turn all their defeats into victories. A plan to remove the one variable that has always interfered with the master plan. The Doctor must be erased from time itself!

Ever wanted to be the Doctor and travel in time and space to meet companions and have adventures? In Doctor Who Time of the Daleks you do just that, every player picks a Doctor and tries to thwart the Daleks master plan of erasing the Doctor from history.

Do you have what it takes to fill a TimeLord's Shoes?