Draw Your Own Conclusions!

Release Date 4/16/2020
Retail Price $29.99
Manufacturer Grey Fox Games
Category Board Games
UPC 616909967285
Weight (lb) 1.547

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Draw Your Own Conclusions is a laugh-out-loud cooperative drawing game for 3 to 8 artists or.... "artists". Each round, each player will have a secret word they'll try to get the person to their right to guess correctly. Every player has a unique shape assigned to them like a squiggly line, square, circle or triangle. They and all of the other players will work together to create the drawing by using only up to five of their assigned shape.

3-8 players
Ages 8+
15-20 minute play time

8 Whiteboards
8 Markers
9 Shape Cards
90 Clue Cards
18 Tokens
1 Dice
1 Rule Sheet