Etch a Sketch Revolution (6)

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Manufacturer Spin Master
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Introducing Etch A Sketch Revolution, the first-ever Etch A Sketch that lets you draw perfect circles every time! This innovative spin on the world’s favorite drawing toy features the classic red frame, iconic white knobs and a magical spinning screen! Rotate the screen’s white frame to draw big or small circles. Just use the knobs to move the cursor closer or farther away from the middle to choose your circle’s size and spin to draw – it’s that easy! Like Classic Etch A Sketch, use the knobs to draw lines left and right, up and down; and turn both knobs to curve the lines or draw on an angle – customize your designs any way you want! When you’re finished and ready to start another, shake to erase and start all over again! With Etch A Sketch Revolution, you’ll have hours of fun spinning and being endlessly creative. Etch A Sketch Revolution is the perfect screen alternative and makes a great gift for all ages. Easily draw perfect circles with Etch A Sketch Revolution!