Green Box of Games

Release Date 4/26/2019
Retail Price $26.99
Manufacturer Neste Trekk
Category Board Games
UPC 7090044370026
Weight (lb) 1.201

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The Green Box of Games is not a single game, it is a game system that comes with a collection of 16 games you can play. Designed to be like a deck of cards for board games the box is filled with versatile components, tiles, cards, cubes and dice, that you can use to play lots of different games, or even create your own. The games included in the rulebook spans from quick family games to more complex strategy games, plus a few traditional classics, and includes solo games as well as games for up to 8 or 10 people.

16 games included in the box:
Traditional games: Backgammon, Halma, Speed, Reversi, Liar’s Dice
Adapted from modern classics: Gold Mine, Tunnel Run, Son of Kark
Original games: Flower Garden, Jump Gate, War 2.0, Grenade Salad, The Gauntlet, Fawlty Towers, All Your Base, Temple of Doom

1-10 players
Ages 6+
2-200 minute play time