Guildhall Fantasy: The Gathering

Release Date 7/12/2017 Preorder
Retail Price $44.99
Manufacturer Alderac Entertainment Group
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 729220058546
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There can be only... Wait! There is another...

This new set of Guildhall contains an all new stand-alone set for Guildhall, featuring six never before seen professions. Additionally, this set contains two mini expansions: "The Chapter Masters" and "The Master Houses.”

120 Profession Cards
6 Profession divider/reference cards
30 Victory Point Cards
Victory Point divider/reference card
30 Chapter Master mini expansion Profession Cards
Chapter Master divider/reference card
3 Master Houses Mini Expansion Cards
Master House divider/reference card
Standard Guildhall Fantasy Box ready for the Box of Holding