KoDT: Bundle of Trouble #60

Release Date 7/17/2018
Retail Price $14.99
Manufacturer Kenzer & Co.
Category Clearance Items, Magazines and Comics
UPC 9781594591631
Weight (lb) 0.506

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Hoody hoo! This 118-page trade paperback contains all four issues worth of classic strips from Knights of the Dinner Table #215 through #218 (Hack the Slayer • The Tie(s) That Bind • Hack Maids • Hack Quest) crammed between two covers! It’s always a great time to pick up these hysterically funny strips, so don't miss out on this incredible addition to any gamer's bookshelf!

The battle begins. A lot of anticipatory ink has been spilled leading up to this moment but it’s been well worth it. There’s some intense combat, ridiculously overpowered magicks and character slayage in store. But what would you expect from heroes freelancers seeking to take down the minions of a class V variant artifact?