Domains at War: Troops and Terrain

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Manufacturer Autarch
Category Role Playing Games
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Autarch's Domains at War brings the full sweep of fantasy warfare to tabletop gaming and role-playing campaigns, offering a series of interlocking systems that cover the full sweep of military struggles in a fantasy, ancient, or medieval world.

With the Troops and Terrain expansion pack, you get 36 pages of full-color cardstock counters for use with your Domains at War: Battles. Let the battles begin!

You must have a copy of Domains at War: Battles rulebook, or the Domains at War Complete Set, to use this product.

Troops and Terrain includes: 138 human troop counters, 92 beastman troop counters, 28 elven troop counters, 24 exotic troop counters, 24 undead troop counters, 24 artillery troop counters, 20 dwarven troop counters, 56 hero counters, 80 condition tokens, 16 spell tokens, 54 stream pieces (18 narrow, 18 medium, 18 wide), 54 ditch pieces (18 narrow, 18 medium, 18 wide), 18 road pieces