The Villagers

Release Date 5/31/2019
Retail Price $15.00
Manufacturer Black Forest Studios
Category Clearance Items, Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 705911330061
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The Villagers is a social deduction party game where two teams will compete: the Plague Doctor team vs. the Villager team.

In the Villagers, the Plague Doctors will try to infect a new Villager each night, while the Villagers try to deduce who in their midst are Plague Doctors in hiding. The Plague Doctors are posing as Villagers too, so who do you trust? Exile a new player each day, but beware, as new infections plague your village each night.

The Villagers has variable player powers for up to 25 players, giving an enormous amount of depth, tension, player interaction, and replayability.

6-25 players
Ages 13+
15-60 minute play time