Gardens of Babylon

Release Date 10/29/2021
Retail Price $45.00
Manufacturer Cackleberry Games
Category Board Games
UPC 602573797143
Weight (lb) 3.2

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Gardens of Babylon is a 1-4 player, competitive euro-style game in which players strive to earn the most points by planting flower seeds on the most valuable tiles. Taking turns, players place tiles to create a maze-like ziggurat of pathways, strategically move their gardeners to gain positional advantage, and plant seeds to claim tiles, earning victory points and triggering cascades down connected waterways to steal those of their opponents in the process!

Featuring simple rules and strategic thinking, Gardens of Babylon offers infinite replayability with 78 distinct ziggurat tiles that form a unique 2.5-dimension modular board. A novel cascade mechanism allows a well-placed seed to change the course of the game in an instant, offering emergent gameplay and keeping players on their toes until the very end.

1-4 players
Ages 10+
45-60 minute play time

78 Pyramid Tiles
12 Scoring Tiles
5 Base Tiles
48 Meeples
144 Seed Tokens
1 Rulebook