Winter Queen

SKU CGA05000
Release Date 6/16/2021
Retail Price $39.00
Manufacturer CrowD Games
Category Board Games
UPC 672975287955
Weight (lb) 2.05

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Winter Queen is an abstract family game. You will take on the roles of Winter Queen's sorcerers, creating magical ornaments out of enchanted crystals. Each turn you either place a new crystal onto the board or use al­ready placed crystals to score victory points depending on the spell books you and your opponents have.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
20-40 minute play time

1 Queendom Map board (double-sided)
45 Enchanted Crystals
1 CrystaIs bag
4 Crystal Holder tiles
20 Spell Book tiles
8 Queen's Domain tiles
36 Victory Points tokens
1 Winter Queen token
4 Reference cards
1 Rulebook