Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam

Release Date 10/16/2020
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Days of Wonder
Category Board Games
UPC 824968200636
Weight (lb) 1.17

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Welcome to the 17th Century. Players are in the middle of the Gouden Eeuw, the Dutch Golden Age. This is an elegantly simple version of Ticket to Ride where players race one another, this time in cart, to claim the most lucrative commercial routes, fulfill rewarding trade contracts, and collect precious merchandise from the bustling streets of this legendary city. Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam is fast-paced, easy to learn in three minutes, and extremely portable. It’s perfect for new players and veterans alike.

2-4 players
Ages 8+
10-15 minute play time

1 board map of Amsterdam’s commercial network
64 plastic Carts (16 in each color)
44 Transportation cards
24 Contract cards
16 Merchandise Bonus cards
4 Scoring Markers
1 rule leaflet