A Touch of Evil: Hero Pack 2

Retail Price $24.95
Manufacturer Flying Frog Productions
Category Board Games
UPC 094922228116
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The ATOE: Hero Pack 2 Expansion introduces 4 new Heroes to A Touch of Evil(R), each with a highly-detailed plastic miniature as well as the corresponding Hero Character Sheet on the same high-quality, glossy cardstock to match the rest. These four new Heroes include Sara, the Bright Witch; Jack Fellows, Privateer; Frederic Leon, the Foreign Diplomat from distant France; and Abigail Sturn, Student of the Occult, once just an Ally, now a playable Hero in her own right. Each new Hero has their own Unique abilities and skills, making them a valuable asset on the hunt for the creature terrorizing Shadwbrook. ATOE: Hero Pack 2 also features several New Game Cards and a new Villain to hunt.