El Capitan

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Manufacturer Gigamic
Category Board Games
UPC 3421271401810
Weight (lb) 1.06

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In El Capitan, players have a series of pictures in front of them and are trying to memorize their locations. These pictures are then flipped face down. During each turn, a card is revealed from the draw pile: players have to place their boats as quickly as possible on the corresponding card in front of them! Be one of the quickest players to make sure you get some gold. But be careful, as the old Captain has a few tricks up his sleeves which will test your reaction time. Only the richest pirate at the end of the game will be worthy of his ship and title!

2-6 players
Ages 6+
20 minute play time

72 Pirate cards
27 Captain cards
6 Ship pawns
One First card
One Second card
1 Last card
130 Gold coins
1 Treasure chest
1 Hourglass (1 minute)