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Manufacturer Gigamic
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Gloobz are adorable creatures, but they wreak havoc everywhere they go so catch them quickly or else!

On a turn, a player calls either 'more' or 'less', then flips the top card of the deck. According to what the current players draws, all the players try to catch the figurines whose shape or colors appear the most or the least on the current card. Each correct figurine caught will score you one point but you will be penalized if you make a mistake!

Special cards can be added to this cheerful confusion so you need to be quick-witted and fast-acting to catch these funny creatures before your opponents do!

2-6 players
Ages 6+
20 minute play time

56 Gloobz cards
3 Gloobz
3 Paint pots
1 Megagloobz
6 Score trackers
1 Rule sheet