Champions of Hara: Chaos on Hara Exp

Release Date 7/1/2020
Retail Price $39.95
Manufacturer Greenbrier Games, Inc.
Category Board Games
UPC 602573040287
Weight (lb) 3

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The Chaos on Hara Expansion expands the game to six players. Go deeper into the world of Hara with four new playable characters, new Monsters and Event cards for each World, and face off against four vicious new Corrupted foes. This expansion contains sixteen Scenarios for you to fight your way through, featuring four solo Scenarios and four ultra-hard "Challenges From the Void." Will you fight for your new home, or tear down the walls to escape?"

Not a Stand Alone Game. Requires Champions of Hara to Play.

1 Booklet
24 Hexagon cards
3 Large cards
65 Standard cards
10 Cubes
19 Miniatures
2 Player boards
57 Tokens