Release Date 10/3/2018
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Lark & Clam
Category Board Games
UPC 850365002542
Weight (lb) 1.415

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Be best at being the worst. Be worst at being the best. Be Unrivaled.

Welcome to a brand new party game experience where players guess the winner before each challenge begins! Draw a card and ask the question out loud.

Who is the best artist? Who would make the best spy? Who was a problem child? Which group would make the worst sales team?

Predict the winner and then read the back of the card, where players are challenged to a variety of madcap contests of story-telling, trivia, dexterity and role-playing to determine who is the best, who is the worst and who is, ultimately, the Unrivaled.

4-10 players
Ages 16+
30-90 minute play time