Fluxx 5.0

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Manufacturer Looney Labs
Category Non Collectible Card Games
UPC 857848004161
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Fluxx 4.0Looney Labs UPC 1-929780-01-XDescription: Fluxx has gotten a complete makeover!We've made a lot of changes to the game in our recent editions, and it's time Original Fluxx moved into the New Era. All the artwork is now in color,and the deck size has increased to the new 100-card standard. Creepers were such a success in Zombie Fluxx that we've turned War, Death, and Taxes into creepers in this new edition of the original game! It's the ever popular Card Game of Ever Changing Rules - now in Color! For 2-6 players, 10-45 minutes. Ages 8 to adult.Packaging: 100 cards + instructions, in a new style, two decks side by side two part box (3.75"x5"x1"). Comes in a six pack display.