Pink Hijinks

Retail Price $12.00
Manufacturer Looney Labs
Category Board Games
UPC 9781936112289
Weight (lb) 0.092

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Pink Hijinks is an elegantly simple yet surprisingly deep strategy game for two players. It comes in a little pink bag, perfectly filling out our pyramid game line next to IceDice and Treehouse. This will be our holiday gift to our fans this year - and for the very first time our retailers will be able to participate in giving the gift out to our fans! The Holiday Gift Promo Kit will contain six copies of the game, along with a 25-pack of postcards with the rules to Pink Hijinks and an in-store coupon for $3 off the game, with space for the retailer's info. We will be emailing 10,000+ fans on Nov 21st, giving them the rules to the game and telling them that for two months (Nov 22 - Jan 20) they can get $3 off the pink bag from our online store -OR- from participating Looney Labs Superstores!