Combat Pad Extra Magnet Pack

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Manufacturer Open Mind Games
Category RPG Accessories
UPC 094922743923
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Combat Pad Extra Magnet PackOpen Mind Games via Paizo Publishing ISBN: 0-94922-74392-3Where have all your magnets gone? Replenish your dwindling supplyof GameMastery Combat Pad magnets!Extra Magnet Pack makesit possible to orchestrate epic battles - or simply replaces missing magnets!* Use a wet or dry erase marker to write PC, NPC, and enemy names on blue, green, and black magnets respectively.*The turn arrow magnet clearly shows who is next, so you'll never accidentally skip someone again.*The round arrow points tothe current round number, so you'll know exactly where you are in combat.*The next round magnet reminds you to move the round arrow and to check the notes section of the GameMastery Combat Pad for expired spells or effects.Combat Pad XMP Includes:8 - blue player character magnets8 -black enemy magnets4 - green non-player character magnets2 - round arrows2 - turn arrows2 - next round magnets