Nights Black Agent: Edom Field Manual

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Manufacturer Pelgrane Press
Category Role Playing Games
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You're on the inside now. For more than a century, the top-secret operation within MI6 codenamed 'Edom' has defended the United Kingdom from the machinations of the Un-Dead. This book describes the operation's history, methods, people and tradecraft, initiating you into the innermost secrets of the British vampire program. Players can create their own Edom officers and hunt vampires with the sanction of the British government with eyes-only documents and briefings, and use the Fields of Edom campaign frame to play the spies hunting for the stolen Dracula Dossier - or defy their masters and complete the original mission by taking Dracula down for good. Directors can build their own Edom with a guide to the operation's structure and methods, which includes two dozen non-player characters to give a varied supporting cast for Edom-centred games. Advice and campaign options help bring the operation to a thrilling conclusion - or a bloody catastrophe.

The Edom Field Manual stands alone as a guide to a vampire hunting program. Combine it with the other books in the Dracula Dossier series for insight into Edom its machinations.

Made in the USA.