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Killer Bunnies(R) and the Journey to Jupiter(TM)

Blast off in Killer Bunnies(R) and the Journey to Jupiter,(TM) the fast paced, action filled card and board game!Venture out to the dark depths of outer space to find the Magic Carrot and bring it back to Jupiter, before your opponents.On your journey, you must use bizarre and silly weapons to fight to keep your Bunnies alive, while trying to destroy your opponents' Bunnies.This, of course, can get awfully ruthless, unpleasantly vicious, hilariously malicious, and more entertaining than you may have thought possible!

Part card game, part board game and a whole lot of off-the-wall strategic fun - KB Jupiter introduces all new hysterical card references and images, while it brings Killer Bunnies into an entirely new dimension!

Will you start your battle on the ground with an Atomic Whisk or a deadly Dwarf Deathstar?Or will you use the Flax Energy Net or set the Bunninator loose to wreak havoc from ship to ship?Defend your Bunnies against Fembots and avoid a Cosmic Calamity! at all costs.

There'll be no shortage of wheeling, dealing, bribery and extortion, as you Quantum Hop your way through the solar system, causing carnage, collecting Carrots and cruising through the galaxy on your Journey to Jupiter.

For 2 to 6 Players, 90 Minute Playing Time, Ages 13 to Adult

Designer: Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

173 Large Cards, 53 Small Cards, 9 Gameboard Sectors, 5 Dice, 40 Vouchers, 20 Ships and Stands, 32 Markers and Instructions


UPC: 803004402005