Reaper Starter Mix

SKU REM00305
Retail Price $899.99
Manufacturer Reaper Miniatures
Category Miniatures and Miniature Games
Weight (lb) 0

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So, you want to carry Reaper products but you're not sure where to start?

Reaper provides a wide and potentially intimidating range of adventure gaming products.

This rack deal is designed for retail stores that are new to Reaper. We have selected our top selling, lowest cost, SKU's from several of our lines. This super hot product should sell rapidly in any store that picks up this package. Only Use 30 inches of linear wall space to get started. Get started with the best of the best and go from there!

Expand the selection by adding the 00306, 00307, and 00308 packaged deals for the most variety in 75 inches of linear wall space.

Display Rack Accessories included:
Casket Works Catalog
Miniature Wall Rack
Out of Stock cards
Plasticore Header Sign