Royal Blood

Release Date 12/14/2020
Retail Price $22.00
Manufacturer Rowan, Rook and Decard
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9781913032067
Weight (lb) 0.73

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Royal Blood is a roleplaying game that uses tarot cards and a handful of coins to tell a story of dramatic heists, inhuman monsters, and ramshackle arcana. Players take on the role of Royals - half-human, half-magic sorcerers with an axe to grind – and attempt to steal power from the almighty Arcane who rule the city with absurdly powerful sorcery. Straightforward rules allow the gamesmaster to put together a multilayered heist, complete with genre appropriate twists and turns, by working with the players to build a plot out of nothing when they set down to the table. Written by Grant Howitt, co-author of Spire, One Last Job and the latest edition of Paranoia, and illustrated by Banana Chan with gorgeous art and photography throughout, Royal Blood was nominated for Best Game and Best Product awards in the 2020 Ennies Awards.