Spire: The City Must Fall (Corebook)

Release Date 2/3/2020
Retail Price $49.99
Manufacturer Rowan, Rook and Decard
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9780996376556
Weight (lb) 2.339

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You are a dark elf. Your home, the towering city of Spire, was occupied by the high elves two hundred years ago. Now, you have joined a secret organisation known as the Ministry, a paramilitary cult with a single aim – to overthrow the cruel high elves and restore the drow as the rightful rulers of the city. Spire is a 220-page tabletop roleplaying book which contains: A quick and easy D10 system that lets you tell stories of brutal rebellion; Details on the districts, factions and personalities that make up Spire – the frozen high elf kingdom of Amaranth, the lawless undercity of Red Row, the mysterious Mortician sect and the bleeding hole in reality known as the Heart, and more; Ten character classes, including the vagabond Knight, the sorcerer-artist Idol and the arachnid nurse Midwife; Multiple extra advances to sculpt your character, allowing them to learn the hidden magicks of the Ministry, fall back on their military training, or devote their existence to a mad cannibal king who lives under an abandoned warehouse; A gamesmastery chapter, written with an eye to help you craft conspiracies and power structures that your players can topple, subvert or be consumed by; Over fifty illustrations by the tremendously talented Adrian Stone Spire has multiple complementary sourcebooks also available - scenarios, additional rules, and in-character documents like The Book of Masks.