Spire: The Kings of Silver

Release Date 6/29/2020
Retail Price $5.99
Manufacturer Rowan, Rook and Decard
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9781913032050
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On the glittering and grimy streets of the Silver Quarter, revolution is in the air. The player characters, working on behalf of the Ministry - a secret organisation devoted to overthrowing the cruel high elf government - are given the deed to a run-down gambling hall and a sheaf of newspaper clippings identifying the best and brightest that the district has to offer. Can they assassinate, blackmail and bribe their way to the top?

Kings of Silver is a 42 page scenario for the Spire roleplaying game which contains: Pregenerated characters designed to fit into the lavish world of the Silver Quarter; Details on the most powerful, and most exploitable non-player characters in the district - a self-loathing playboy with membership to a forbidden cult, a hopelessly lovelorn high priest, and a scandalous society woman with a string of influential lovers; Random tables to determine what’s happening in any given part of the district when the players arrive, and which festival is currently filling the streets; Newspaper clipping handouts filled with clues and adventure hooks for the player characters to investigate.