Thwarted: Deluxe Ed

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Manufacturer Screech Dragon Studios
Category Non Collectible Card Games
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Build your power by gaining as many action cards as possible, then use them to cripple rival Villains. After you take care of your pesky rivals, take aim at the Superheroes and defeat them. Watch out though, the Superheroes can fight back, and so can your rivals!

The Premise Thwarted! A Game of Super-Villainy is a casual card game where players assume the roles of Villains and attempt to defeat the Superheroes of The City. The only thing standing in each Villain's way, are the other villains The battle for bragging rights is on! Defeat as many of the Superheroes of The City as you can and fend o rival Villains’ Evil Deeds to win the title of “The Greatest Super-Villain of All Time!” The deluxe version also comes with The Power Pack Expansion, 5 play mats, and 1 city board.