When Shadows Rise

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Manufacturer Signal Fire Studios
Category Role Playing Games
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Legendary game designer Lester Smith (Dark Conspiracy, Dragon Dice) has spent years pondering and tinkering with game mechanics and a backstory that would support multiple
traditions of horror, one in which player characters may die-often horribly-yet there is a sense of continuity and satisfaction in play.

When Shadows Rise is a horror roleplaying game using the new d13(TM) game system to support easy-to-learn, fast-toplay games that keep the focus on the story, the characters, and
the action-even when it leads to gruesome results. The game supports any sub-genre of horror, from ancient Beowulf to alien bughunt and anything in-between.

Even the tiniest flame can pierce the deepest darkness,and if one light is smothered by the blackness, another may emerge. Create a character to fight back the darkness and slowly grow to understand your role in a cosmos where light eternally struggles to overcome the dark.

Selling Points
* Horror roleplaying that offers an experience of real danger. The game is built where there is the risk evil may win and everyone may die, yet the game continues and is fun to play.
* Self-contained RPG-all rules needed to play are included.
* New RPG from best-selling and award-winning game designer Lester Smith, creator of Dark Conspiracy.
* Support and bonus material on Signal Fire Studios.com, WhenShadowsRise.com, Facebook, and Google+.