Wooly Whammoth

Release Date 8/21/2019
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Smirk & Dagger
Category Board Games
UPC 9780974646145
Weight (lb) 2.097

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To feed your prehistoric clan, your tribes people must force Mammoths over the side of a cliff. Just be careful that you don't sink into a tarpit, get stomped by a Mammoth - or run right off the cliff yourself in the process. This "Guts-style" game has you trying to out-think your opponents and maneuver them into harm's way... until "WHAMM!," one tribe emerges victorious.

Players hold identical 8-card hands, but must anticipate and outplay the other tribes to perfectly position themselves while trying to force others over the cliff's edge. Score 6 mammoths or drive your opponents over the cliff in this “think, double-think,” game of prehistoric survival!

2-4 players
Ages 14+
30-40 minute play time

4 two piece modular boards
32 Movement cards
8 Mammoth CHARGE! cards
4 Tribes Special Power Cards
32 standees and stands