Shards of Infinity: Relics of the Future

SKU SBE10165
Release Date 1/15/2019
Retail Price $10.00
Manufacturer Stone Blade Entertainment
Category Board Games
UPC 074427101657
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The Shards of Infinity grant you visions of unimaginable power. In one future, you are a benevolent leader, harnessing your shard as a tool for good. In another, you wield it as a mighty weapon to crush all enemies.

It's time to make a choice. Is it your fate to lead your people to victory or will you become the relic of some forgotten future?

Relics of the Future is the first expansion to the critically acclaimed Shards of Infinity Deckbuilding Game.

2-4 players
30 minute play time

128 Cards
4 Deluxe Character Dials