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Release Date 9/22/2020
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Manufacturer Ultra Pro Entertainment
Category Non Collectible Card Games
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Every day, dozens of birds have a stop on the fences of our countryside. When they leave, they all mix together, unable to organize themselves into flocks to fly home! Help them find their way back to their nest.

Players begin each round of CuBirds with bird cards in hand. Play series of identical birds from your hand forming flocks. With enough identical birds in your flock, add these birds to your scoring area.

Your goal is to be the first player to gather either seven different species, or two species with at least three identical birds in each. Each bird comes with one small flock and one big flock score, so you can wait for a big flock to score even more! Beware, though, as the round ends when a player empties their hand, forcing all players to discard their hands and plans!

2-5 players
Ages 8+
15 minute play time