Mistborn: House War Boardgame

SKU CFG13001
Release Date 11/27/2017
Retail Price $54.95
Manufacturer Crafty Games
Category Board Games
UPC 721867512689
Weight (lb) 3.135

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An official board game set in the world of Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy novel series, designed by veteran game designer Kevin Wilson. Command Luthadel’s Great Houses during the cataclysmic events of Mistborn: The Final Empire. Face off against Kelsier, Vin, Sazed, and other heroes of the novels to maintain the delicate balance held in place for the last thousand years. In this game of tense negotiation and dubious alliances, you must cooperate to solve myriad problems threatening the world and compete for the Lord Ruler’s favor. Save the empire and the player with the highest score wins. Be careful, though! Should the empire fall, the player with the lowest score wins instead.