Mölkkaari: Official Mölkky Throwing Line

SKU TAC52540
Release Date 4/20/2021
Retail Price $7.99
Manufacturer Tactic USA
Category Toys
UPC 6416296525402
Weight (lb) 0.529

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You and your friends all love playing Mölkky, but there’s always that one person who wants to move the throwing line on their turn! End the madness with the official Mölkkaari. Used in Mölkky tournaments across the world, this solid wooden throwing line stretches to 36” and conveniently folds to pack with your Mölkky set. The 1.25” height creates a small, but effective barrier keeping players properly behind the throwing line. Take your Mölkky game to a new level by adding the official Mölkkaari to your set.