Most Wanted

Release Date 10/1/2018
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer North Star Games
Category Board Games
UPC 892884000166
Weight (lb) 1.865

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Bandits! Bluffing! Gunslingers! And Nuns with Bad Habits! Most Wanted does for Poker what King of Tokyo did for Yahtzee – simplify the game down to its core charm and match it with a fun theme. With fast card play that keeps everyone involved, Most Wanted has 2-8 bandits wrangling to become the most notorious outlaw in the West. Playing the best hand - or bluffing with the worst hand – could mean the difference between a successful train robbery or time spent in the slammer. Players can repent at church to make a new start, or even work some honest labor (gasp!) for bail money. Be the first player to 13 points and claim the dubious honor of being the MOST WANTED!

2-8 players
Ages 10+
15-35 minute play time