MP: Monsterpocalypse Launch Kit

SKU PIP51900
Release Date 10/5/2018
Retail Price $599.88
Manufacturer Privateer Press
Category Promotional
UPC PIP51900
Weight (lb) 22.543

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This special launch kit includes 2 additional starter sets, one of each Agenda, to display and demo before the official release of Monsterpocalypse. As an added bonus, Monsterpocalypse Launch Kits will ship one full week in advance of the game’s street date, giving retailers the opportunity to promote the game with their customers before its release!

6 Monsterpocalypse—Protector Starter Set
6 Monsterpocalypse—Destroyer Starter Set
FREE Demo Kit: 2 Bonus Sets (1 Protector, 1 Destroyer)