AEG's P3 - Priority Pre-order Program

AEG has decided to shake things up once again as we continue to deliver on our promise of fewer, better games. Our first major initiative of 2020 is the Priority Pre-Order Program or simply "AEG's P3".

At the forefront of this new initiative is an open marketing approach. We will be sharing our projects with retailers and end-consumers like never before. This glance into our design process will help retailers make informed decisions on pre-ordering our products. And we truly mean pre-orders. Through AEG's P3, retailers will be able to place advanced preorders that will give them priority on potential allocations.

The Priority Pre-Order Program will work as follows:

  • 8 or more months from launch
    • Solicit - Our distribution partners will be provided with the product description and information needed to enter into your systems. Same as before, just earlier.
    • Retailer pre-order form - Included in the solicit will be a link to a Google Form. This link should be distributed to your retailers with your early solicit. The form will gather preorders and preferred distributors just like our Tiny Towns promotion at GAMA last year.
    • Announce - Soon after soliciting, we will announce our products to the general public. Same as before, just earlier.
  • 7 months from launch
    • Close retailer pre-order form - The Google Form will be locked and no more orders added. The retailers who have signed up before the deadline will be given priority status in the event of an allocation. We will send a list of priority pre-orders to each distributor for confirmation with their customers. Retailers may only select one distributor and will be capped at a maximum quantity per product.
    • AEG will use this data to determine the print run size.
  • 5 months from launch
    • Allocations set - We will be pre-allocating our premier products to prevent any last-minute stock shortages.
  • 2 months from launch
    • Orders due - POs will be due as per our usual order deadlines
  • 1 month from launch
    • Orders shipped
    • Any unclaimed allocations will be released and sold first-come, first-serve. 

Publish Date : 1/13/2020

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