Games by BRIGHT of Sweden presents M as in Monkey™ and 4 bananas™ wins BRAIN CHILD Awards

Our Sigma’s World™ games M as in Monkey™ and 4 bananas™ have won the BRAIN CHILD Award from Tillywig Toy & Media Awards.

The winners were announced on April 29th and our games won a BRAIN CHILD Award each.

From the motivation for M as in Monkey™:
“M as in Monkey™ is a fabulously fun family game through which players gain skills with respect to letters, spelling, words, memory, and problem-solving. “

“Thinking in 'both directions' in this manner helps develop a strong facility for the connections between images and words and between letters and sounds. For 2 to 6 players.”

From the motivation for 4 bananas™:
“4 Bananas™ is a remarkably fun, fast-moving game that allows children to exercise and absorb new math and problem-solving skills.”

“4 Bananas™ is an immensely enjoyable family game for 2 to 6 players that gets kids using their brains in new and different ways!”

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Educational toys and games are hot and the demand for fun games motivating a child's mental, social, and physical development keep on growing. Parents are keen to find toys and games that stimulates the children’s minds and that engage them.

Our Sigma’s World™ Play & Learn games let families play and spend quality time together, while the kids’ minds are absorbing what’s to learn in playing our games. The sweet monkey Sigma is the guide in all the games in his world!

Publish Date : 5/1/2018

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