Games by BRIGHT of Sweden announces: New Sigma’s World™ game is Pi and the planets™

Games by BRIGHT of Sweden are proud to announce that our new Sigma’s World™ STEM game; Pi and the planets™ was released at ToyFair New York 2019. The game will be available late spring, 2019.

At its first show, Pi and the planets™ won a Best of ToyFair 2019 award from Parent Tested Parent Approved.
The winners were appointed at ToyFair 2019.

Pi and the planets™ is a fun Play & Learn STEM game for 2 to 4 players, from 4 years and up. The players’ mission is to bring order to the Milky Way; Space Croc has made a mess in our galaxy and by visiting the planets and answering questions the players get planet tiles. Collect all the planets and put them in the right order from the sun; Just beware of the sneaky Space Croc, and keep an eye on the wormholes! First player to fill their Milky Way board with all the planets is the winner of the game.

Pi and the planets™ is a fun and educational game in our Sigma’s World™ line. You learn about space while having a good time. The game is a STEM game and by introducing Sigma’s friend Pi, it also invites girls to play and identify with a scientist.

There are four games in the Sigma’s World™ Play & Learn line today: Race to 10™, 4 bananas™, M as in Monkey™, and now also Pi and the planets™. And more games are to come!

Publish Date : 2/27/2019

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