Capstone Games Announces Semi-Exlusivity with ACD & Alliance

Capstone Games is excited to announce a strengthened distribution alignment with ACD Distribution and Alliance Game Distributors in the United States hobby market. Effective March 1, 2021, Capstone Games products will be available to hobby store retailers exclusively from ACD and Alliance. This move not only improves our representation in the market, it will also allow us to focus our marketing efforts with clear and consistent communication throughout the supply chain. 

With this announcement, our products will be readily available from both ACD and Alliance, as both distributors are committed to deeply stocking the entire Capstone Games catalog. "Our goal is to have our products available at all times across the market, barring any temporary situations where a product is in between printings," said Clay Ross, President of Capstone Games. "With our streamlined logistics infrastructure, coupled with strong sales teams and marketing opportunities, we are excited to work closer with ACD and Alliance on this new endeavor."

Restocks of Terra MysticaMaracaiboIrish Gauge, and Ride the Rails have landed and are now widely available. Additionally, Capstone Games launched a Family Brand line debuting with Juicy Fruits (available in May) and Rorschach (also available in May). The Capstone Games Family Brand features highly accessible board games that the whole family can enjoy together.
Meet our New Team Members

Capstone Games has grown tremendously within the past year. To support this continued growth, we've recently hired Jillian Ross and Eric Schumacher for two full-time positions within Capstone.
In August 2020, Jillian Ross joined the Capstone Games team as the Sales and Marketing Manager. Jill graduated from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) in May 2020. Bringing her design and marketing experience to the Capstone team has proven invaluable. In her free time, she loves playing board games and has recently embarked on the Gloomhaven adventure.
In November 2020, Eric Schumacher joined the Capstone Games team as the Customer Experience Manager. Eric graduated from the Ohio State University in 2017. He has a genuine love for Ultimate Frisbee and coffee; Eric dedicated a lot of time to his club Ultimate Frisbee team and perfecting the art of being a barista. Eric has successfully implemented new customer service systems that have significantly improved the customer experience.

Publish Date : 3/1/2021

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