CMON Limited Announces Munchkin Dungeon with Steve Jackson Games

CMON Limited announced today that they have teamed with Steve Jackson Games to design and publish Munchkin Dungeon based on the award-winning card game.

Munchkin Dungeon captures the same playful sense of humor of the original card game, while providing a completely new experience. It is the first collaboration between designers Eric M. Lang (Blood Rage, Rising Sun, Arcadia Quest) and Andrea Chiarvesio (Richard the Lionheart, Kingsburg, Hyperborea).

In the game, 3-6 players will enter a dungeon and attempt to collect the most treasure and achieve the highest character level. They will have to push their luck if they want to be successful in their adventure, but if they come across a foe that’s a little too big to face, they can always run away. If players choose to take the cowardly (albeit occasionally logical) route of avoiding danger, they will earn Shame which will be counted against them at the end of the game. You can’t be a hero without exhibiting a little bravery!

“We wanted to make a CMON-style game that was set in the Munchkin universe,” said Lang. “Munchkin Dungeon is deeply social. It’s all about taunting each other and lying to each other to get ahead!”

"Between Eric's experience on the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, John's years of work and knowledge of the Munchkin game, and CMON's talented sculptors, this is going to be an incredible new Munchkin board game and I'm looking forward to playing the completed game,” said Phil Reed, CEO of Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin Dungeon comes to life on the tabletop with highly-detailed miniature figures and illustrations by legendary artist Jon Kovalic. Fans of the Munchkin series of games will feel right at home with the whimsical art that Kovalic is famous for, and players old and new will have hours of fun exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and betraying their closest friends!

Munchkin Dungeon is coming to Kickstarter in 2019. Stay tuned for updates on the CMON Facebook page as the campaign approaches

Publish Date : 7/25/2018

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