CMON Promotes New VP of Sales & Operations, Hires New International Sales Manage

CMON is pleased to announce that Adam Lovell has been promoted to VP of Sales and Operations, now answering directly to the COO. Along with Adam’s promotion, CMON is also happy to announce they have hired Luiz Coelho as the new International Sales Manager. Luiz has extensive experience in sales and was Sales Director at Galapagos Jogos (now Asmodee Brazil). With these changes, CMON looks to create more unity within the Sales department and make ordering from CMON easier for both retailers and distributors worldwide.

Of his new position, Adam Lovell said, “This reorganization brings our international sales team back under one umbrella and allows us to coordinate releases and sales efforts as a global whole. Luiz is a tremendous asset, with key experience and a talent for managing the complexities of the international games business.”

As for looking to the future, Adam also said, “With Luiz on board, and a streamlined Sales department in place, we look to 2019 as a Marquee Year. Brands like the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will continue to mature, and we have an exciting slate of new releases which runs the gamut from our traditional minis-centric mega-hits to exciting new licenses that we can’t wait to share.”

CMON is excited about what these changes mean for their relationship with all of their customers.

Publish Date : 1/11/2019

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